Loan Guidelines

Property Criteria Commercial and Non Owner Occupied Residential
Loan Amount $60,000.00–$2,000,000.00+
Loan to Value loan amounts up 70% of appraised value or purchase price; whichever is less
Maturities up to 24 months; annual renewal options
Minimum Interest 6 months minimum earned interest
Amortization interest only and up to 20 year amortization
Borrower Contribution down payment plus, closing costs, insurance, taxes or additional collateral
Lien Position 1st
Deposit appraisal fee plus $500.00 at loan commitment (to be applied to legal, professional fees prior to closing, unused balance credited at closing.)
Insurance Builders Risk or Hazard and Flood coverage minimum of loan amount on all properties


Loan to Costs loan amounts up to 70% of Costs (purchase price plus construction costs)
Maturity 12 months
Amortization Interest Only
Disbursements funds disbursed based on the completion % of each line item.